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Thunder Web Lab will work with you to build a beautiful website layout that will convey your FQHC’s narrative, provide you a competitive advantage, help you relate to your community more effectively, and educate them.



Your website is intended for your patients.



Website that is ADA compliant, mobile-friendly, donation-ready, and translation-ready.



High ranking keywords, a quick website, and consistent messaging.

The most common questions about Nonprofit Website Design

What is the price of a new FQHC website design?

Designs for FQHC websites begin at $3,950. We require an initial 5-month retainer as part of your new website project, followed by a month-to-month contract that can be terminated at any time.

Are we your center’s ideal FQHC partner?

On our first call together, this will be one of the first topics we talk about. If you are looking for a hand-coded, $20k+ community health center web design, we are probably not the correct partner for you. However, if you require a reasonably priced community health center web design that is simple for your patients to use, simple for you to update, and concentrated on drawing new patients into your community, then working with us will be a pleasure. If we’re not the best partner for you, we’ll recommend someone who can assist you more effectively.

Will Google rank my new FQHC website at the top?

No FQHC website design business can guarantee that your website will rank #1 on Google for no other reason than that we do not own or manage Google’s search algorithm. We believe that our more than ten years of experience in digital marketing can produce outcomes that you will be proud of.

How does it function?

Our DNA is a group of talented charity web developers, SEO experts, and paid advertising professionals. Throughout the course of your project, you will collaborate with a specific project/account manager who will serve as your point of contact. We will work together on the design and elicit your insightful comments all along the way.

When will it be finished?

It typically takes us 5 to 10 weeks to develop a nonprofit website.

Increase donations and attract new donors today.

We are eagerly awaiting the chance to speak with you about your special and intriguing  Nonprofit Website Design projects.